Work Standard for the French Brittany
(Epagneul Breton)
Adopted by the (France) C.E.B. Committee dated 01.19.86
Modified 5.01.91

The Brittany Spaniel
Energetic, intelligent dog with lively expression, small Cob

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Gait: Cheerful, lively, bubbly, energetic gallop, fast succession of crouched movements. Ban or prohibit a stretched or piqued gallop.

Head Hold:  The head must be held high, without exaggeration above the back line, line of the nose slightly inclined. The head always mobile, showing an assurance and an olfactive flexibility constant in the hunt of the game.  However, in certain difficult circumstances, fast checks on the ground will be admitted.

The Search:  must be intelligent, methodical, without being mechanized, showing that the dog is hunting “in permanence”, adapting itself to nature and to the configuration of the terrain so as to stay permanently in contact with it handler.

The Point: at the take of scent, after a rapid control, the dog must go with great authority and sureness in order to block the game. The point will have to be taken standing even in the case of one taken spontaneously; however, concerning a surprise point, another attitude will be tolerated with the condition that the nose is high in the direction of the game in order to prove that he dominates the game.

The Flush: At the order of the handler must be spontaneous, showing proof of decision and of prudence in order to preserve “master and game” contact until the latter leaves. To refuse to move is a grave fault (except in immediate proximity of the game.)  (Note: In the UK, the dog MUST flush the bird but only upon the handler’s order to do so.  Either method - the handler or the dog flushing, is used in France. But again, if the dog is used to flush the bird it must do so only when ordered.)

The Retrieve:  on earth and water, must be made upon order in a spontaneous, cheerful and rapid way.

Epagneul Breton Club U.S.A.
French Brittany Gun Dog Association of America, Inc.

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