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Epagneul Breton Club U.S.A.
French Brittany Gun Dog Association of America, Inc.

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Results of the 2004 Epagneul Breton National Specialty, the National Field Trial and the T.A.N. (natural ability test) and info on the annual meeting have been added to the website. Click here to go there.

We are glad to announce that the club has reached the size where REGIONAL and LOCAL CHAPTERS are forming!  At this time there are two clubs (one in Indiana and the other in Montana) that have completed the process of becoming an affiliated FBGDA club as well as a regional club with the UKC and there are two clubs (one in Colorado and one in Georgia) that have formed and are in the process of applying for club status approval. Regional chapters of this club will be affiliated with this parent club as well being recognized as a UKC local level club and will hold events sanctioned by the UKC, plus they will be able to hold unofficial events and get togethers for members and their families. This will afford the members the opportunity to participate in regional events and meetings as well as participate at a national level.  Members interested in spear-heading the formation of a chapter in their area are encouraged to contact us.  Those members interested in joining a regional chapter that has already formed are encouraged to do so. You can find a list of those clubs and contacts by clicking here or E-mail us.

Purina has added the French Brittany Gun Dog Association to its Parent Club Program and has also added the French Brittany to its list of breeds. The PPCP is a program where individuals who feed Pro Plan can help make a difference for their breed of choice by joining the Pro Club program and collecting weight circles from their dog food bags. When they are mailed in Purina then makes a donation to the National Breed Club designated by the individual on behalf of the breed. The donations go towards health, education and rescue for the breed. Purina deposits a minimum of 50% of the funds accrued by the breed club directly into the breed's CHF Donor Advised Fund which goes to the Canine Health Foundation. The remaining 50% can be used by the National Parent Breed Club for rescue and/or education programs. Click here for details.


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The National Bird Dog Museum and Hall of Fame in Tennessee has added the French Brittany as a breed and has set aside an area for the display of French Brittany art. This summer the club's President Bill Dillon traveled to Grand Junction and met with Gary Lockee to present the museum with a beautiful wall hanging on behalf of the club and the Epagneul Breton. The museum has been carrying this club's magazine for the last few years and you can find a copy of each publication in their library.
Left: President Bill Dillon and Gary Lockee, a founder of the Bird Dog Museum and Hall of Fame, with a collage of this club's magazine covers and pictures of Epagneul Bretons which were donated to the Bird Dog Museum in Tennessee.

Our dogs are eligible to be entered in UKC show events across the country and if you are interested in doing so you should enter them as Epagneul Bretons. At the present time you can enter your Breton in any show that is listed as "All Breed" or has the "Gun Dog" class specified. We are contacting various show-sponsoring clubs that list breeds individually (rather than open to all breeds or all dogs of a group) and requesting that the Epagneul Breton be added to those eligible to enter. Therefore, if you see a show that indicates EBRTN listed in the breeds eligible, it means that they have added the Epagneul Bretons to those invited to attend their show(s). When you are searching the events scheduled, if you see one that you would like to attend but does not currently offer EBRTN, please contact us with your interest so we can contact the association to see if they would like to add our breed. UKC lists scheduled events across the country on their website. Go to and click on the link for Events.

UKC UPDATE The transition of this club's registry of Epagneul Bretons (french brittanys) has been completed and our breed's vital registrations and pedigree info have been securely deposited in the dependable hands of the UKC. The dogs that were registered with our association and included in this transfer are now the foundation stock for the breed in this country.  This is the ONLY registry in this country that has separated the breed and is registering our dogs specifically as Epagneul Bretons. Remember, the AKC has only one breed classification: Brittany, whereas the UKC has two: Brittany spaniel and now Epagneul Breton for our french brittanys. Registration as an Epagneul Breton therefore indicates that the dog's lineage is truly that of an Epagneul Breton and the resulting pedigree is the hallmark of your dog's fine breeding. And a UKC registration as an Epagneul Breton enables you to not only enter this club's sponsored or sanctioned events and nationals, but you will also be able to enter UKC events for the Epagneul Breton across the country!
All registrations are now to be submitted to the UKC. All litters of registered Epagneul Bretons should be registered through the UKC and a registration form for the Epagneul Breton breed will be supplied for each puppy in the litter.
If you have a french brittany that was not registered with this association and included in the foundation stock now with the UKC, you may still apply to register it as an Epagneul Breton by using the Epagneul Breton Single Registration Application on the UKC's website. Go to our Registration page for info and the links.

It was suggested to us that a nice feature on this website would be a page for members to place classified advertising, such as e-collars or other items that you'd like to sell, stud service ads, etc. and you can also provide a picture to include if you so desire. We have now added this page. Click on the heading for more info.

picdogs.jpg (25783 bytes)SPRING TRIALS
We were invited to come to France for some spring field trials. Bill, the club's president, spent the first few days of his trip in Ireland and then continued on to France. Due to the extended length of the trip there was ample opportunity to attend trials, tour kennels and meet many people. It was a great opportunity to be allowed to accompany the judge to observe at close range at three days of trials including the Artenay field trial, which is the French club's big spring trial where over 100 epagneul bretons competed. There were two days of trials at Fosse. We've posted a photo essay and a write-up about the field trials themselves will be in the next magazine.  Please be patient though - even though what's posted is just a few of the dozens of photos they took, there are still quite a few pictures on each page and therefore it'll take a minute or two for each of the pages to fully load. TAKE ME ON THE TOUR!

If you haven't visited the Standard page in the last several weeks you'll find that we've added some pictures to assist in the explanation of terminology, measuring, etc. Hope it helps.

OFA DATABASE  now published
Breeders: Please send your dog's OFA rating (or PennHip rating) in to the club for inclusion on the OFA page that has now been launched on our website. You can get your dog listed one of three ways:   Submit info via internet form, mail it or fax it. Details are on the Hip certification page.
Want to know if your dog's xray was done properly? Click here to read:
The Importance of Good Positioning on Canine Hip X-Rays

M. Henri Guelou, our esteemed French guest at the 2001 Annual Membership meeting and T.A.N. Invitational, had another article about our club in the current French magazine Issue #85, which concerned articles in Issue #84. In Last summer he wrote a report on his visit with our club and it was published in the France CEB's magazine no. 84. Both translations can be read by clicking the heading above. Mr. Guelou is a member of the Board of Directors of the French CEB and is a certified judge of field trials, T.A.N. and confirmations. He was good enough to provide us with the translation. You can read his report by clicking on the heading.

By invitation we began exchanging newsletters with some of the rare breed clubs a while back. There is some interesting info in them and we plan to periodically share some of the information we learn from their newsletters in our magazines. We recently received the Summer 2001 Large Munsterlander News and were surprised and pleased to find a glowing review of our new magazine format.  Excerpts of the review read:

"Among our correspondents the French Brittany Gun Dog Association certainly blows away the competition in quality of its newsletter. The "1st Semester 2001" issue was a glossy magazine consisting of 16 pages plus front and back covers, eight of which contained color photographs, all of excellent quality. This is a new format, and they have just announced on their website a photo contest for the second semester publication wiath a club logo hunting shirt as the prize for the winning cover photo. You ought to visit their website at, if only for the great photos of members' puppies and dogs. Like their magazine, it is a beautifully designed and highly informative website. ...  founded in 1997, as young as it is the club has already held its fourth annual national membership meeting and natural ability test, conducted under French rules, in May in Montana. In addition to its great color photos, the magazine is a wealth of information on training techniques, veterinary advice, breeding strategies, history of the breed, genetic analysis of color variations and a delightful story on a two year old's first hunt...."  THANKS L.M.C. !!!!!!!!!!!


By tracking profiles on the dogs being registered, we have been able to produce statistics on the coloration of dogs being produced and registered. This is currently owned registered dogs only.  We have found that the percentages of these dogs are:
33% are orange and white
31% are black tri-colors
26% are black and white
6%   are liver tri-colors
4%   are liver and white

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