Club de l'Epagneul Breton
des Etats-Unis d'Amerique

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French Brittany Gun Dog Association of America, Inc.

National Epagneul Breton Breed Club

We are very happy to announce that after five years of undying, and sometimes trying, years of commitment and dedication to the breed and the goals set forth at the origination of the French Brittany Gun Dog Association of America - Epagneul Breton Club USA, we received the announcement in August 2002 that our petition to separate the french brittany (epagneul breton) registry from the american brittany (or brittany) registry had been granted!

We are also pleased to announce that our club has chosen to affiliate itself with the United Kennel Club - the second largest, multi-breed, professional kennel club in the world and that FBGDA has officially been named the provisional National Parent Breed Club of the Epagneul Bretons in this country. After having successfully fulfilled the agreed upon length of time at the provisional level the club will then graduate to the permanent status as National Parent Breed Club.

This club has successfully fulfilled the requirements and responsibilities of a parent club for the breed since 1997 and has always been a staunch supporter of the total dog concept - performance plus conformation - and therefore our beliefs and goals for the epagneul breton mesh nicely with the UKC's total dog concept and we expect the affiliation to be a very successful and fruitful one.

The traditional path for breed clubs representing breeds not yet recognized individually or officially by a professional kennel club such as the UKC, is to register the foundation dogs at the club level and to register the subsequent generations of dogs until recognition is achieved. This was one of the functions that was performed by this association, and after five years of growth and meticulous record keeping it was felt that the Epagneul Breton development in this country had reached a stage where the justification for a separate breed had been reached and where we felt there was a need for a secure venue to deposit irreplaceable historical pedigree information. But just as importantly we also wanted to secure an association with a third party, professional canine organization (preferrably one known for its support of the working aspects of the dogs) for the benefit of the future of the breed in this country.

The UKC, having been founded in 1898, sponsors some 10,000 dog events each year and registers approximately 250,000 dogs of many breeds each year. They are a professional organization that will work with us for the betterment of the breed and will provide this club and its members assistance in both field and show events as we continue to grow, as well as maintaining the official studbook for our breed.

This registry is the ONLY registry that will limit registrations and additions to the breed's stud book to epagneul breton lineage and is the only registry in this country that will issue a pedigree and registration papers recognizing the dogs specifically as an epagneul breton (french brittany). (Remember that the AKC's breed designation of "brittany" includes both American and French Brittanys in the same registry.) It is also the only National kennel club that will offer events relating specifically to the epagneul breton.

All epagneul breton single registrations and litter registrations, plus subsequent puppy registrations, should now be submitted through the UKC. A special single registration application form is required for epagneul breton single registry, so be certain you request or print the correct application. You can access the appropriate forms on the UKC website or request them by calling the UKC. We have supplied a link to these forms on the Registration page of this website as well.

If you have had your dog previously DNA certified you may request (or print from their site) a DNA release form to fill out and send in along with a copy of the DNA certificate you already have for a fee of $8.00. By doing this you are requesting that the DNA certification be released to the UKC and it can then be included on your dog's pedigree.

We'd like to encourage ALL of our members to get their dogs registered with the UKC as epagneul bretons, to breed only with UKC registered epagneul bretons, and to participate with your dogs in the upcoming UKC events, which will not only include conformation shows and field events, but also obedience and agility events.

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Bill Dillon FBGDA President, Wayne Cavanaugh UKC President

UKC Website Link and Contact Info:
United Kennel Club, Inc.
100 East Kilgore Rd., Kalamazoo, MI 49002-5584


Epagneul Breton Club U.S.A.
French Brittany Gun Dog Association of America, Inc.

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