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The width of the muzzle is close to half the width of the skull.
nose should be large with very wide well-open nostrils. There should be no areas devoid of pigmentation
(butterfly nose).
eyes should be slightly oblique, somewhat oval with well pigmented, tightly fitting eyelids and should portray a sweet, frank, intelligent expression. Irises preferably dark.
Lips should be tight fitting, relatively thin, the upper slightly overlapping the lower, with no areas devoid of pigmentation.
The skull is longer than the muzzle at a ratio of 3 to 2.
should be set high, triangular in shape, relatively large and short, partially covered with wavy hair, especially in the upper part, the extremity of the ear covered by short hair.
neck should be of medium length
(short rather than long and thin) and well muscled, in the form of a slight curve but never rounded, never arched and free of dewlaps.
cheeks should not be heavy with skin fitting tightly.

Eye expression coupled with the upward movement of the base of the ears give rise to the true "Brittany expression".


Measuring your dog:
To measure height measure from the ground to withers.
To measure length, measure from
point of shoulder to point of buttocks.
Ideally the dog should "fit into a box" - the height at the withers should equal the length from point of shoulder to point of buttocks.
Leg length should be slightly more than 50% of the total height. The body therefore being slightly less than 50% of the total height.
The hip is slightly lower than the withers, meaning there is a very slight slope to the topline (this should not be overly exaggerated), the back being level (back should not be roached or swaybacked). On profile the hock is vertical to the ground and is just slightly behind the point of the buttock.

Some pups are born with naturally short tails ( and some even with no tail)  But if tails need docking they should be docked very short. The preferable tail length is from 1 to 2.5 inches (see tail length in picture.) but they should never be more than four inches. The tail should be set high and carried horizontally or slightly lowered.

The chest should be well let down, meaning that it reaches the elbow, and be broad with ribs well sprung, without being barrel chested (providing the room for lung expansion when working). The sternum should be wide and just slightly rise towards the rear with the abdomen slightly rising backwards (slightly tucked up). The thighs and rump should be well muscled as these are the power of locomotion.  (Often confused the hock is the joint and not the pastern (metatarsus).The foreleg pastern should be 10 to 20 degrees from the vertical, the rear pastern should be nearly vertical when seen from the side.

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Articles on Conformation and Genetics

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