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T.A.N. 2004

Congratulations go to the following dogs (in alphabetical order) and their owners for their success in the 2004 Natural Ability Test.

  Successful Participants



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Cliathan Kerryman Fred Overby
Dal's Rocky Mountain Maggie Robert Redwine
Dentelle de Plum Creek Matt DeWaard
Duchy Breton Zoeringna III Joy Luff
Nini's Cliathan Scout Kevin Nini
Prairie's Edge Maggie Don Berg
Prairie's Edge Patsi Don Berg
Savane de Plum Creek Ron Smith
Susianne de Keranlouan RL Dalrymple
Tango du Bois Courcol Bill Dillon
Texas Tresor de Plum Creek Matt DeWaard
Tiara Maree de Plum Creek Bob Hample
Topper-Lyn's United Front Kurt Stepaniak
Uhelec'H de l'Escarbot Bob Olson
Ula des Pigenettes RL Dalrymple
Uline du Bois de Vauchelles RL Dalrymple
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Unique Lee de Plum Creek Bill Dillon
Unite de Plum Creek Fred Overby
Upfen de Calestray RL Dalrymple
Urba de Bois de Vauchelles RL Dalrymple
Uri de Plum Creek Charles Whiton
Urne de Plum Creek Dene Halvarson
Utanne de la Savane Rouge Ondulante Anthony Bua
Utopia de Plum Creek Bob Hample
Utte de la Baie des Gabions RL Dalrymple
Uvline de Calestray RL Dalrymple
          This year's T.A.N. was a sanctioned UKC event and those who successfully passed the test will have the TAN affix added to their registration papers, received a rosette from the club and will receive a certificate from UKC that is worthy of framing.

           The maximum age limit to enter a TAN is 3 years of age. The TAN (natural ability test) is designed especially for the participation of young dogs since it is a test of natural ability rather than intended to test the level of training, experience and ability (thus the reason for the upper age limit). Dogs who entered the test but were deferred will be able to repeat the test as long as they have not gone over the three year age limit. A dog who passes the test is not eligible to enter any further TAN events. For a listing of dogs who have gotten their TAN in previous years link to achievements.htm

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This club adheres to the "Total Dog" concept as does the UKC. Some refer to this as a "dual dog" - one that is bred to conform to the standard of the breed and also perform for the purposes it was bred. In the case of pointing dogs that is upland bird work, though Obedience, Agility etc. also apply for the performance part of it. This year for the first time the UKC has added pointing breeds and field work to their "Total Dog" program.

What this means is that a dog that gets a pass in a field trial or TAN and also gets a placement of best female of variety or male of variety or higher in a conformation show ON THE SAME WEEKEND is acknowledged by receiving a "Total Dog" award which can be a ribbon or certificate. In our breed with varities that means there are a total of 6 dogs per weekend/event that could possibly be eligible.

No points are awarded and this does not imply a title of any sorts. Also, dogs that have achieved show placements or passes in the field at different times or at different events do not receive the award even though they too have have achieved the same Total Dog requirements- the award is an acknowledgement only of it happening on the same day or weekend of events. This year two dogs were recognized with the Total Dog Award:

Topperlyn's United Front, owner: Kurt Stepaniak
Best Male/Best of Winners and a pass in the T.A.N.
Dal's Rocky Mountain Maggie, owner: Bob Redwine
Reserve Best Female and a pass in the T.A.N.


What is a T.A.N.?


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