Club de l'Epagneul Breton
des Etats-Unis d'Amerique
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French Brittany Gun Dog Association of America, Inc.

Certificate of T.A.N. Recipients


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Happy and proud owners receiving their T.A.N. certificates and rosettes!
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T.A.N. 2002
Successful Participants

Congratulations go to the following dogs and owners (in alphabetical order) 




Angels Misty Belle Joy Luff Harley's du Cachou Rex/Plumthicket's Idyrs des Angel
Beau Hunter of Tri Rivers Brett Shipley Pairknaglos My Hunter of Cliathan/Jiji du Plum Creek
Beaumarche Bing DeRouboy Bill Dillon Orax du Val des Rousses/Capucine de Rouboy
Coquette II Robert Stormont L'Arc du Calembour/Double M Dollye Doodle
Dal's Bailey of Wishbone Lawrence Czapla Hardy du Hameau de Sorny/Dal's Oto l'Enclos Chateau
Dal's Lakota de Etoile RL Dalrymple Iroine de l'Enclos du Chateau/Etoile des Pigenettes
Dal's Oto l'Enclos Chateau RL Dalrymple Iroine de l'Enclos du Chateau/Liquer du Hameau de Sorny
Dal's Ottowa Etoile de Okie RL Dalrymple Hardy du Hameau de Sorny/Etoile de Pigenettes
Dal's Scout de Texian Arthur Kirby Hardy du Hameau de Sorny/Dal's Lakota de Etoile
Dal's Sequoia du Pottawatomie Clinton Pivarnik Osage du Hameau de Sorny/Dal's Pottawatomie de Iroine
Gary Mac's Mademoisele Freckles Bob Lawrence Warren's Max A Million/Red's Sugar Babe
Gary Mac's Magnum Gunner Bob Lawrence Janero du Hameau de Sorny/Nevada du Hameau de Sorny
Hardy du Hameau de Sorny RL Dalrymple Dallas du Hameau de Sorny/Cadette du Sulon
Osage du Hameau de Sorny RL Dalrymple Idoc de St Tugen/Groseille du Hameau de Sorny
Peu Tempte du Plum Creek Frank Nicholls Pairknaglos My Hunter of Cliathan/Plum Creek Joselyn
Porter du Plum Creek Jim Bloom Cliathan Archer/Gabe's Lil Bit de la Trinite
Topper's Remington Magnum PI Lynda Kieres Topper's Marquis du Hunrunr/Topper's Norma Jean
Tri River Molly Ann Brett Shipley Iroine de l'Enclos du Chateau/Liquer du Hameau de Sorny
Samba de Keranlouan RL Dalrymple Junior de Coat au Duc/Romaine de Keranlouan
Sapphyre Noir du Topper-Lyn Lynda Kieres Smith's Pierre de Chasseur/Smith's So. Dakota Koty
Sean de Dublin Peter Ward Pairknaglos My Hunter of Cliathan/Saskatchewan Belle
Skai de Wilo Branche Mike Krause Dallas de Wilo Branche/Nevada du Hameau de Sorny
Sigillito St Louis Bonnie Jim Sigillito Brooks Oakridge Rusty Red/Brooks Oakridge Molly
Smith's Star de Chasseur Ed Smith Smith's Pierre de Chasseur/Smith's So. Dakota Koty
Smith's Squire de Chasseur Ed Smith Smith's Pierre de Chasseur/Smith's So. Dakota Koty

Susizne de Keranlouan

RL Dalrymple

Ithos de Keranlouan/Paquerette de Keranlouan
This year's T.A.N. results are a testiment to the dogs entered with 26 out of 27 successful entrants! This year's T.A.N. maximum age limit was 4 years of age (last year since it was the first official T.A.N. run in this country, the age limit was 5 years). Next year, and every year thereafter, the maximum age limit will be 3 years old. However, it was suggested, and approved, at the Board of Directors' meeting that dogs over the age limit be allowed to participate in the T.A.N. and receive their certificates, but since they were over the maximum age limit no official affix would be added to such dog's pedigree since a T.A.N. is designed specifically with young dogs in mind. Distances can present problems for some members getting to a TAN event before their dog turns 3 and it was felt that they should have the opportunity, if the member desired, to at least participate and receive a certificate if successful. Therefore this year there were two dogs who were older than the 4 year age limit, but the balance of the dogs were as young as 6 months of age and up.

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