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Montana Local Chapter Results

          The Big Sky Epagneul Breton Club, a FBGDA affiliated Local Chapter, held a local level field trial and a T.A.N. in Montana over the weekend of June 19-20, 2004 and had a nice turn out for the club's first weekend of sanctioned events.
          The field trial was a Type L trial held on liberated birds. Unfortunately there were no placements given in either the Open Class trial or the Novice Class trial (no 1st Place winner or Reserve placement). However, the dogs listed to the right did earn "Passes" at the event.

In the Open Class:
Benit Trinite du Topperlyn, Owner: Chris & Lynda Kieres
In the Novice Class:
Rosie Sky Montana, Owner: Gary Berger
Tess des Par-Dessus-Par, Owner: Fred Overby
Toujours Fidele Serine Shelby, Owner:Matt Allain
Toujours Fidele Sophia, Owner: Fred Overby
Travler des Par-Dessus-Par, Owner: Tim Powell
Utica Sky Montana, Owner: Gary Berger

Judges: Dave Girtman & Larry Michnevich

Congratulations go to the following dogs (in alphabetical order) and their owners for their success in the Natural Ability Test held by the local chapter in Montana.

  Successful T.A.N. Participants



Beau de L'Hospitalier Lynda & Chris Kieres
Hunrunr's Clean Sweep Brian King
Lucy des Par-Dessus-Par Butch Nelson
Tex des Par-Dessus-Par Sam McGuire
Topperlyn Upland Jagermeister Lynda & Chris Kieres
U Madame Mouchde de L'Escarbot Fred Overby
Uda du Hyalite Harry Hannan
Udelle du Hyalite Fred Overby
Utica Sky Montana Gary Berger
Vance de Plum Creek Brad Adrian

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