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Hip Certifications - O.F.A., PennHip and F.C.I

Submit your dog's OFA Certification via internet

Submit your dog's PennHip Certification via internet

Note: This listing is open to any registered Epagneul Breton. You do not have to be an active member to have your OFA certification included.
Hip Grades-O.F.A.
OFA certification has been verified for the dogs listed on this page prior to being listed.
The BS numbers listed after the dog's name is the OFA's Certification number.



Females - Hip Grade A1 (Excellent)

Males - Hip Grade A1(Excellent)

Dal's Oto l'Enclos Chateau: R. Dalrymple, BS-10819E38F-PI Paeton du Plum Creek: M. Vitense, BS-10654E24M-PI

Females - Hip Grade A2 (Good)

Males - Hip Grade A2 (Good)

Cliathan Innislady: B.Dilon, BS-11054G24F-PI
CNM's Reba Antoinette:
WM. Davis, BS-11544G24F-NOPI
Dal's Lakota de Etoile:
RL Dalrymple, BS-10806G73F
Dal's Sabrenn du Parler:
D.Parler, BS-11461G24F-PI
Dal's Sage Etoile de Okie:
S. Parker, BS-11832G24F-PI
Hallie du Hameau de Sorny:
T. Whetzel, BS-6790G24F-T
Isabelle du Hunrunr
: K. Barron, (Spine-Trans.Vertb), BS-10512G28F-PI
Jesem's Little Nutmeg: G. Enger, BS-11610G41F-PI
Kao de Beaumarche:
H. Park, BS-10872G29F-PI
Liqueur du Hameau de Sorny:
R. Dalrymple, BS-10739G72F-PI
Misti Mae du Nevada: J. Cowgill, BS-11320G28F-PI
Oseille du Hameau de Sorny:
B. Dillon, BS-11030G46F-PI
Pack's Sierra du Cachou:
K.Pack, BS-10732G88F-PI
Parler's Belle Antoinette: D. Parler, BS-11343G27F-PI
Patchouli du Plum Creek:
B. Dillon, BS-10708G32F-PI
Peche du Plum Creek:
M.Vitense, BS-10936G38F-PI
Petula du Plum Creek:
T. Ejk, BS-11803G51F-PI
Plum Creek Jessica Tu:
D.Clickenger, BS-10697G74F-PI
CH. Reglisse Noir de Plum Creek: B. Dillon, BS-11205G25F-PI
Reine du Cacao de Plum Creek:
B. Dillon, BS-11055G29F-PI
Reine IV du Bois de Vauchelles: K. Pack, BS-11003G24F-PI

Reine V du Bois de Vauchelles:
B. Dillon, BS-11013G24F-PI
GRCH. Reve Tisserand de Plum Creek: B. Dillon, BS-11208G24F-PI
Ricotta de Plum Creek:
D. Fortney, BS-11335G27F-NOPI
Rina du Buisson de Choisel:
K. Pack, BS-10963G25F-PI
Rixe de Plum Creek:
A.Carlson, BS-10882G25F-PI
Shelby Dakota Prairie: D. Berg, BS-11806G30F-PI
Sigillito St. Louis Bonnie:
J. Sigillito, BS-11509G50F-NOPI
Sonedenn du Lis de Plum Creek:
J.Pope, BS-11778G27F-PI
Star de L'Escarbot:
R. McClelland, BS-11836G26F-PI
Tri River Molly Ann
: B. Shipley, BS-11142G30F-PI
Dal's Ozzie: L. Payne, BS-11105G43M-PI
Dal's Sorcier du Parler:
D. Parler, BS-11397G24M-PI
Gary Mac's Magnum Gunner:
R. Lawrence, BS-10700G26M-PI
Hardy du Hameau de Sorny
: R. Dalrymple, BS-10661G108M-PI
Iroine de L'Enclos du Chateau
: R. Dalrymple, BS-10660G93M-PI
Osage du Hameau de Sorny
: R. Dalrymple, BS-10662G36M-PI
CH. Paco de L'Ardour:
B. Dillon, BS-10698G32M-PI
CH.Patouche Monseigneur of Cliathan
: B. Dillon, BS-10668G64M-PI
Roi du Bois de Vauchelles: K.Pack, BS-11002G24M-PI
Warren's Max A Million
: M. Warren, BS-10715G48M-PI










Females - Hip Grade B (Fair)

Males - Hip Grade B (Fair)

Dal's Ottowa Etoile de Okie:R. Dalrymple, BS11263F52F-PI
Dal's Pottawatomie de Iroine:R. Dalrymple, BS10749F29F-NOPI
Du Cachou de Choisel's Saige:
R. Luff, BS11436F28F-NOPI
Gary Mac's Mademoisele Freckles:
R Lawrence, BS-10865F25F
Pairknaglos Bonnie Lass: T. Whetzel, BS-7029F28F
Red's Sophia du Cedar Creek: R. Warren, BS-11708F30F-NOPI
Smith's South Dakota Koty:
E. Smith, BS-10625F60F-PI
Sucrette du Clos Becassier: D. Parler, BS-11614F24F-PI
Taco des Orfevre:
B. Dillon, BS-10763F65F-PI
Tishumiko des Pigenettes: RL Dalrymple, BS12108F24F-PI
BFB Rustyshasta du Baili: J.Cowgill, BS-10781F27M-PI
Cliathan Archer:
B. Dillon, BS-10692F107M-PI
Jacque de Malibeau:
T.Whetzel, BS-9972F28M
Pairknaglos My Hunter of Cliathan
: B. Dillon, BS-10747F50M-PI
Parthos du Cedar Creek, JH: B.Jacobsen BS-11108F40M-PI
Sierra's October Bailey:
K. Pack, BS-10752F61M-PI
Toujours Fid'ele Nat Sagesse: F. Overby, BS-10649F37M-PI


This page lists dogs
(in alphabetical order) who have officially received a PennHip laxity profile ranking. If there is any question, buyers can always request to see copies of the report provided to the dog's owner.  It is recommended that only dogs within profiles equivalent to Excellent, Good and Fair ratings be utilized in breeding programs. 

(degenerative joint disease)
and within the recommended ranges.

GRCH. Cliathan Jumping Jack, B. Dillon
Dentelle de Plum Creek,
M. DeWaard
Joueur du Plum Creek,
M. Fortney
Rosee de Plum Creek, P. VanRoekel
Samba du Bois Courcol, B. Dillon
Soiree Etoile de Plum Creek,. R.Clinton
T's Brush Buster, R. Thompson
Tucker du Hunrunr II, J. Stoker
Unique Lee de Plum Creek, B. Dillon
Vanessa Ann de Plum Creek, M. DeWaard


Hip Grades-F.C.I.
Some dogs are imported at an adult age after their hips were x-rayed and determined to be free of dysplasia and being given an official hip ranking that is internationally recognized.
The chart above compares the SCC/FCI ranking to the scoring system used by OFA.

DOG'S NAME, OWNER, Country of Xray & Diagnosis

DOG'S NAME, OWNER, Country of Xray & Diagnosis

Females - Hip Grade A (Excellent/Good)

Males - Hip Grade A (Excellent/Good)

  Tango du Bois Courcol, B. Dillon, France
Tatoo du Bois Courcol, B. Dillon, France

Females - Hip Grade B (Fair)

Males - Hip Grade B (Fair)


Comparison Between OFA & FCI Hip Schemes



Excellent, Good










push.gif (1013 bytes)Up Hip Ratings PennHip Info
UK Hip Scoring Scheme

Scoring is done on 9 different points of the hip joint anatomy and each area (apart from the caudal acetabular edge which is out of 5) is scored out of a possible 6 points. The lower the score, the better the hips. The maximum score per hip is 53, with an overall total of 106 for both hips. The score is usually expressed as e.g. 0/3, where the first figure is the total score achieved in the right hip, second figure the score in the left hip. A score of 51/48 would indicate that both hips are severely arthritic.
Therefore a score of 5/4 (total of 9) would be very good.

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Epagneul Breton Club U.S.A.
French Brittany Gun Dog Association of America, Inc.

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