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French Brittany Gun Dog Association of America, Inc.

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NATIONAL 2003 Epagneul Breton Specialty, T.A.N. &
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     The 2003 National Membership Meeting was held on May 2, 2003 in Indiana at the Amo Conservation Bird Dog Club. There was an exceptionally good turn out with nineteen different states represented and about sixty-five people present, and there was a very fine representation of the breed at the events.
    We were honored to have some very special guests present - Gary and Sally Lockee, National Bird Dog Museum and Bird Dog Hall of Fame, came from Tennessee for our long weekend of events. It was a privilege to have them with us and was especially good to see our old friends again and have the opportunity to exchange news, share stories and for our membership to be able to meet such a wonderful couple who have contributed so much to the world of bird dogs.

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L-R: Bill Dillon, Gary Lockee and Fred Overby

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Conservation Bird Dog Club, Amo, Indiana
"Home of National Shoot to Retrieve"
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     The Conservation Bird Dog Club is where the National Shoot to Retrieve is held every year, and was a wonderful facility for this year's events. They have a beautiful club house with all the amenities needed and three beautiful fields, complete with two lakes, for the dog events.  Dave Johnson and Don Matthew welcomed our club, the first dog club ever allowed to hold an event at their facility outside of the NSTRA, and we were given a history of their association which was formed forty years ago by a small group of men which wanted a venue to enable further enjoyment of their bird dogs and thus began the association known as the National Shoot to Retrieve Association, little knowing their efforts would result in such an impact on the dog sport. Besides the events that they hold: 6 club fun trials, 32 NSTRA trials and 2 NSTRA National Championships, their club is also open to a limited number of memberships. These members pitch in to maintain the grounds and facilities and have access to club's grounds and amenities which include a skeet range, fishing on the lakes, complete with two boats, and membership activities held at the club house.
     The conformation judge for our specialty show this year was William (Sandy) Gunn of Canada. Sandy is considered a specialist in Gundogs and especially the pointing breeds,
and has bred hunting dogs for 47 of his 62 years. Sandy's

initiative led to the formation of the very successful Canadian Dog Judges Association, an educational association for conformation judges. He is an active breeder, exhibitor, trialer and a CKC accredited championship level judge of conformation Group 1 (Gundogs), Group 2 (Hounds) and Group 3 (Working) and is an approved UKC conformation judge. Sandy has judged in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and of course in Canada and the U.S.
     In the field Sandy is a senior National Shoot to Retrieve Association judge and an approved Judges' Certification Instructor. He is also an active AKC field trial and hunt test judge and has judged extensively in Canada and the USA for these organizations for the last 10 years. He is as well an experienced and accredited judge of CKC Field Dog Tests and has judged under several different field systems in Canada, the USA and the UK as well as in New Zealand. As well as being a very active judge, Sandy is a retired University Professor, a freelance writer and was a regular columnist for Dogs in Canada and AKCA field magazines..

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Sandy Gunn congratulating Bill Dillon and Reve Tisserand de Plum Creek, 2003 National Best of Breed winner, with Lynda Kieres, Show Secretary presenting the trophy.

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     Having completed the required UKC Rules and Regulation seminar, the 2003 National Epagneul Breton Specialty held on May 3 and judged by Mr. Gunn, though our second National Specialty show, was our club's first sanctioned UKC conformation show.
     Our club also sponsored the first UKC sanctioned T.A.N. (natural ability test) which was held on May 4 and was judged by William Ward and Paul Ehlers, approved UKC TAN judges. Members who served as apprentice judges this year were: Keith Beseke, Bob Olson and Lynda Kieres.    
     Photography was provided by member Matt Allain, Allain Photography, of Bozeman, Montana. Matt did a superb job taking photos of the events, the dogs and the members and the members were also able to get prints from him of their dogs, which they can take home and proudly display! We're just sorry we couldn't get a picture of each individual who was there and every dog that was entered in events.The only problem is having to narrow the choices down from the dozens of great ones to just a few! But there will be quite a few more included in the club's upcoming magazine, though we wish we could print even more in that than we have room for, so make sure you watch your mailbox for it.     peek.jpg (13156 bytes)
        Mark Threlfall and Todd Kellam, United Kennel Club field representatives, attended our events. Todd Kellam of Field Events was there to monitor the T.A.N. and Mark Threlfall presented the UKC Rules and Regulation Seminar on Friday May 2 as well as monitoring our conformation show on May 3.
     Mark was also kind enough to present a seminar for the membership regarding what a conformation judge is looking at and considering when they go over a dog in the ring. The pointer statues on the club house grounds provided the perfect tool for him to use while going over the dog's various points beginning at the head and bite and going over each detail of the standard including shoulder  angulations, tail sets and the like. It was very educational and greatly appreciated by all.    

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      Andy Edwards of Pheasant Forever and David Holloway of Quail Unlimited each presented a seminar. And Bill Dillon and RL Dalrymple presented a seminar on field trials as held in France.
     Ed and Joyce Smith hosted the event this year and catered the lunches the both Saturday and Sunday and did an excellent job. Joyce did an excellent job and even added the touch of decorating the room and all the tables. Thanks from every one who attended for your hours of hard work and for presenting such delicious food.

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Some of the members at one of the seminars



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