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There were eleven dogs entered in the 2001 Natural Ability Test (T.A.N.).  Out of the entries, six were awarded their certificates of natural ability.
Parthos du Cedar Creek, 26 months.
Owner/handler Brien Jacobsen, Idaho

Cliathan Icon, 11 months.
Owner/handler Paul Ehlers, Colorado

Celestine du Hunrunr, 25 months.
Owner/handler Pat Davies, Idaho

Reve Tisserand de Plum Creek, 8 months. Owner/handler Bill Dillon, S. Dakota
Reglisse Noir de Plum Creek, 8 months. Owner/handler Bill Dillon, S. Dakota
Isabelle du Hunrunr, 28 months. Owner/handler Tamara Barron, Washington

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ondeck.jpg (21228 bytes)The event was held at the Missour River Headwaters Gundog Club Training Grounds, Headwaters State Park, Three Forks, Montana. Richard (Butch) Nelson, of Bozeman, Montana who is an AKC judge, officiated as the judge of the event and Fred Overby of Georgia served as an apprentice judge. The event was structured to duplicate a T.A.N. held in France. The T.A.N. is one of the "European-type" events that this club has adopted as a sanctioned event. It is not an event that will be recognized by the AKC (though it is quite similar in nature to the Junior Hunter test) because it is an event held only in France. And since the AKC, who is recognized globally as the national dog club in the United States for all breed clubs in this country, is not a member of the FCI (international), events in this country, by any breed club, cannot be recognized internationally on an official basis. To try to put it as simply as possible, events held in the U.S. are not recognized in foreign countries and foreign events are not recognized in the U.S. That's why when you get an AKC pedigree you don't see any mention of European championship titles.
It will though, be recognized as a sanctioned event by this club and dogs who are awarded their certificate will have the award added to their pedigrees.  The accomplishment is noted on French pedigrees with the initials TAN and thus will be so noted on our dogs' pedigrees.

At the director's meeting it was voted on and approved to accept the Field Trial Committee's recommendation to adopt the SCC field trial rules utilized in France.  The rules will be published in booklet form and available for interested parties.  It was also voted on to adopt and utilize the AKC's rules for hunt tests.  Therefore, all members who wish to enter their dogs in hunt tests can do so at any AKC sponsored event, which will make it easier for members to attain their titles (since it takes entering numerous times and achieving several legs before a title is awarded). Also, members are free to enter their dogs in shoot to retrieve or Nhavda events should they so desire. Any accomplishments should be forwarded on to this club's registrations so they can be noted on our (CEB-FBGDA) pedigrees.

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Epagneul Breton Club U.S.A.
French Brittany Gun Dog Association of America, Inc.

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Read M. Henri Guelou's report
(from the French CEB's magazine 84) in English

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