Club de l'Epagneul Breton
des Etats-Unis d'Amerique

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Tradition and history are rich within the world of epagneul bretons in France and, naturally, something anyone who is a true Bretonier appreciates.  Evidence of the history can be found even in the most unexpected ways, such as when we came upon this sign for Elevage de Kerveillant.

We were treated with viewing the famous painting of the  two brittanys exported to the USA from Elevage de Cornouaille when visiting Herve Bourdon and viewed the famous record book his grandfather began keeping in 1919. You can click on the thumbnails to view those.

We toured the kennels located in Callac and elsewhere in Brittany and were treated with great hospitality and friendliness. It is amazing how these "littlest but the best" of the pointing dogs has been the bridge for friendships across the country and across the Atlantic!

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Most of the well known kennel affixes are the larger breeders/handlers. Some of these kennels had upwards of 50 plus dogs in their kennels. So in combination with all of the dogs that were at the trials, plus all the dogs that were seen at the many kennels visited, large and small, we were able to see a huge number of epagneul bretons giving us a good grasp of the type, sizes and variances (yes, even in France!) of the breed in its mother country. Due to space being limited, we've had to limit what pictures we could publish, but we've included several of the well known kennels. Just click on the following links.

Cornouaille Becassier Keranlouan Callac Calestray

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Vehicles set up as these two are is the normal mode of transporting the dogs in France.

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This van is one of Serge Lavenant's, Elevage de L'Isle de Callac we snapped a shot of while visiting there.

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