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Hip Certifications
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It is this club's recommendation that all dogs and bitches who are being bred have their hips certified. The OFA and PennHip pages list dogs who have had their hips certified as being free of any sign of hip dysplasia. If you would like to have your dog's certification included, you may fax or mail the certification to the address listed below, or you may click on the Submit links below and fill out the form to send your OFA certification or PennHip results via the internet. In the case of information that is transmitted via the internet form, the certification must be verifiable on the OFA website prior to being listed on our page. The OFA updates their database on a quarterly basis, so there is usually a delay between receipt of the certification and said certification appearing on the OFA database.

The OFA page lists dogs who have officially received OFA certification numbers, indicating that the hip x-ray has been scrutinized by three separate veterinarians and they have been determined to be free of any indication of hip dysplasia. The Offa provides certificates for dogs receiving these hip grades and place them on the database on their website. 

Hips that are evaluated and determined by the OFFA to be within the Mild to Severe range do not receive an OFA certification number. There is also an OFA classification called "transitional" (a consensus could not be reached) which does not receive a certification number, and requires that the dog be x-rayed again at a later date and re-submitted for a final evaluation. It is recommended that only dogs receiving A and B (OFA Excellent, Good and Fair) ratings be utilized in breeding programs.

The PennHip portion lists dogs who have officially received a Pennhip rating and evaluation. PennHIP is a multifaceted radiographic technology (x-ray) for hip evaluation. The technique assesses the quality of the canine hip and quantitatively measures canine hip joint laxity. The radiographs are made only by specially trained and certified PennHIP members and consists of three separate radiographs: the distraction view, the compression view and the hip-extended view. The distraction view and compression view are used to obtain accurate and precise measurements of joint laxity and congruity. The hip-extended view is used to obtain supplementary information regarding the existence of degenerative joint disease (DJD) of the hip joint. (The hip-extended view is the conventional radiographic view (OFA) used to evaluate the integrity of the canine hip joint.) For more information click here for our PennHip page.

If you would like more in-depth information on both procedures you may click on the following links for each organization's website: (clicking on these links will take you off our website)

Note: This listing is open to any Epagneul Breton. You do not have to be an active member to have your dog's hip certification included.
Mail certifications to: CEB-FBGDA, 38495 280th St., Armour, SD 57313
Fax certifications to: 605-724-2358 Email Questions: breton@french-brittany.org

Submit OFA Certification Via Internet Form

Submit PennHip Certification Via Internet Form

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Since this association is closely tied with the F.C.I. methods, the hip grades are listed on our pages and pedigrees with the FCI designation that relates to the OFA scheme. The following is the conversion table provided by the OFA.

F.C.I./O.F.A. Conversion Table

Approximate Comparison Between OFA & FCI Hip Schemes



Excellent, Good










Want to know if your dog's xray was done properly? Click here to read:
The Importance of Good Positioning on Canine Hip X-Rays

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For a more in-depth description of the OFA hip certification process, you may access the OFA website at www.offa.org and click on hip dyslplasia.
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