The Epagneul Breton

    What kind of dog is that?  

It is a French brittany - or the Epagneul Breton as they are known throughout Europe - separate and quite different from an American brittany. They are now also registered by the U.K.C. as a separate breed with it's own registry, the Epaneul Breton..

The differences lie in conformation, temperament and style of hunting.

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Is a French Brittany a good family dog?

Most definitely.  Although he is an energetic dog in the field, the French brittany's calm disposition allows him to fit into the home and family life quite smoothly.

used on all types of upland birds and cover.

The French brittany is a dog that quarters open ground about 50-60 yards either side of his handler. On thick cover, the dog will naturally hunt closer. When the cover, or birds, are sparse they will open up their range, but they stay in contact with their handler by checking back. Most brittanys, it will be found, quarter their ground naturally, continually checks back with you and remains within gun range.  He hunts with drive and enthusiasm and covers his ground at a fast pace. French brittanys are natural hunters and this should not be curbed in the early days of training. He hunts for you, you don't have to hunt for him.  His natural hunting instinct and intelligence is the result of meticulous breeding practices.  He is used on all types of upland birds, from pheasant and quail to grouse and woodcock.

The French brittany is a staunch pointer, with natural hunting ability.

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The French brittany is, in the European terminology, a cobby dog. Meaning it is a compact dog (refer to the standards page). It is shorter than the American brit and not as heavy as many, weighing between 28-40 pounds, standing around 18-20 inches tall. The French brit's muzzle is shorter, they have dark noses and amber or brown eyes compared to the light nose and eyes on American brits, and can be black/white, liver/white, orange/white, tri-color and roan of any of those colors.  Overall, the "type" or the "look" of a french brittany differs significantly from that of an american brittany.

Bred by T. Whetzel

Black & white brittanys?  Yes!!  Black and white is a highly acceptable coloration in French Brittanys, as well as liver and white, orange and white, tri-color and roan of any of those colors.  The black gene has always been in existence in the brittany breed and the dark eyes and dark nose give the french brittany a very warm expression and handsome good looks.

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        The   French nick-named the brittany spaniel "le fougueux" which means "the high spirited one". This aptly describes the brittany personality which shows a zest in general and for hunting in particular. They are energetic yet calm. They are a dog which prefers to be in their master's companionship and thrive best in an atmosphere where they are included within the home at least on a part time basis. He is affectionate, loyal, he'll put in a whole day's hunt, no matter the weather, his energy seemingly bottomless, yet ease calmly right into the home without disrupting the household. With his compact stature, he is light and quick on his feet, which perhaps is what gives him such endurance.


        This should be done in an easy relaxed manner so as not to cow the puppy and, if by six months the pup will sit, stay, and come when called then sufficient will have been accomplished until the real training is started when the pup is more mature. A French brittany is an easy dog to train and the hard handed manner utilized for training of other breeds is not the correct method of training for this breed.

Classic example of "Whoa" by liver/white tri-color female

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        Purebred French brittanys (epagneul bretons) are registered through the United Kennel Club, Inc., the only registry in this country that has separated the brittany breed, and might also be registered with the AKC, however the AKC's registry does not differentiate between an Epagneul Breton (french brittany) and an American brittany.


        The name - French brittany - does not imply that all French brittany dogs are from France. It actually denotes "of European decent" and is what they are commonly known as here in America. Actually, they are the Epagneul Breton - (brittany) and are known as such in every other country in the world.  The name distinguishes them as the brittany in America that has been bred (through strict breeding practices) for the European traits and standards for the brittany spaniel.  Some French brittanys are imported from Ireland, Italy, France or other European countries, while the majority are bred here in America from parents with European ancestry.


The official breed standard adopted and utilized by the UKC was written based upon the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) international standard for the epagneul breton, the methods utilized in France, the breed's country of origin.


        If those types of qualities and characteristics are important to you and you're seeking a true FRENCH brittany, it is in your best interest to be certain that you are getting a puppy that has those bloodlines throughout his pedigree.

       The United Kennel Club is the official registry of this association and the Epagneul Breton breed and therefore a UKC registration/pedigree as an Epagneul Breton (french brittany) is the stamp of assurance that its bloodlines are of registerable European descent.

       The UKC also registers litters of pups who are progeny of registered epagneul breton (french brittany) parents. A breeder producing litters who's pups are able to be registered as such will supply the buyer with a registration form for each individual pup from the UKC - this gives the buyer assurance of the pup's bloodlines and makes registration of the pup with the UKC a very simple process. 

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