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Herve Bourdon

What a thrill it was to visit M. Bourdon - besides touring his kennels and viewing his dogs, we were treated to some true Breton history; we were able to view the famous painting shown below in M. Bourdon's office. (You may click on links below for a close up photo of it.)  We were also treated to the viewing of the famous book that was begun by M. Bourdon's grandfather, Emile Bourdon in 1919.  He stated that there was no television then and entries into the book were his grandfather's passion. The entries were meticiously detailed and  hand-written in script. It is a beautiful book and gives you a true feeling for the tradition and history behind our breed of dogs.

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Jarlou de Cornouaille, Trialer Nenvek de Cornouaille Champion de beaute et Trialer
Picture compliments of H. Bourdon
Photography by Pierre Cazoulat

Fosse Artenay Kennels People
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Cornouaille Becassier Keranlouan Callac Calestray

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