Club de l'Epagneul Breton
des Etats-Unis d'Amerique

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French Brittany Gun Dog Association of America, Inc.

In order to help potential dog buyers, the Epagneul Breton Club - USA will be maintaining a listing of Epagneul Bretons who have been  presented for the confirmation process and have been officially Confirmed. This listing will be continually updated as needed.
The confirmation process does not represent the "show quality" nor the "breeding quality" of a dog. Rather confirmation is a process that is utilized to indicate that the dog  shows true qualities regarding the type for the breed, is within the size limits, does not have an over-bite or under-bite and has none of the other disqualifying faults as set forth in the standard for the breed.
This listing will assist both potential buyers and breeders of epagneul bretons, in the selection of dams and sires who have been officially recognized as being of the correct type for the breed and without any disqualifying faults. There are of course many other factors to consider, such as working ability, health, etc. but Confirmation is one of the steps which should be considered important for the breed as a whole. However, we encourage all epagneul breton owners to present their dogs for confirmation since it shouldn't be considered something only for potential breeding stock. Your breeder will be pleased to see that dogs they are producing are meeting the standard and being officially confirmed.
We also maintain a listing of dogs who have received their T.A.N certificates (natural ability test) and a listing of dogs with certified hips (OFA and PennHip).

Confirmed Epagneul Bretons

A - N

O - Q

S - Z

Alexander the Great XII
Beaumarche Bing Derouboy
Benite Trinite du Topper-Lyn
Celestine du Hunrunr
Cliathan Archer
Cliathan Icon
Cliathan Jumping Jack
Cliathan Kerryman
Dal's Lakota de Etoile
Dal's Ottowa Etoile de Okie
Du Cachou de Choisel's Saige
Duchy Breton Zoeringa III
Gabes Lil Bit de la Trinite
Gary Mac's Mademoiselle Freckles
Gary Mac's Magnum Gunner
Guilleme Heureux du Hunrunr
Hardy du Hameau de Sorny
Isabelle du Hunrunr
Joselyn's Jadzia Dax
Juliette du Plum Creek
Osage du Hameau de Sorny
Oseille du Hameau de Sorny
Paco de l'Ardour
Pairknaglos My Hunter of Cliathan
Pairknaglos Topper Smith
Parthos du Cedar Creek
Patchouli du Plum Creek
Patouche Monseigneur of Cliathan
Peu Tempte du Plum Creek
Plum Creek Jessica Tu
Plum Creek Joselyn
Plum Creek Temptation
Porter du Plum Creek
Reglisse Noir de Plum Creek
Reine du Cacao de Plum Creek
Reine V du Bois de Vauchelles
Reve Tisserand de Plum Creek
Robair de Plum Creek
Rocaille de Plum Creek
Samba du Bois Courcol
Sean de Dublin
Sigilllito St. Louis Bonnie
Skai de Wilo Branche
Smith's South Dakota Koty
Smiths Squire de Chasseur
Smith's Star de Chasseur
Sobie Lafaye Des Par-Dessus-Par
Soiree Etoile de Plum Creek
Stud du Cedar Creek
Susiane de Keranlouan
Taco des Orfevre
Tahdaste des Pigenettes
Talusland Beaus Regard
Tatanka Des Par-Dessus-Par
Tessie Des Par-Dessus-Par
Tishumiko des Pigenettes

Topperlyn's Sierra de L'Escarbot
Topper's Remington Magnum PI
Toujours Fidele Nat Cheval
Toujours Fidele Nat Sagesse
Travler Des Par-Dessus-Par
Travis des Par-Dessus-Par
Tri River Molly Ann

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