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French Brittany Gun Dog Association of America, Inc.


Artenay2002.jpg (23937 bytes) CACIT Winner:
POPI, Owner M. Malardeau, Handler M.R. Teulieres (Black/white dog). Pictured are three of the four dogs that obtained their CAC at the Artenay trial:
ROC, Owner M. Eisenber, Handler: M. Malais (right)
NINO du Bois Saussin, Owner JL Bec, Handler: M. Herbelin (center)

The fourth CAC was obtained in the amateur division by Pretty de la Vallee de la Voise, Owner and Handler: M. Lhuilery.
Dogs obtaining a CAC in the amateur division cannot compete in the barrage for the CACIT.

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Ourasy du Bois de Vauchelles
Owner C. Boucher, Conducteur A. Harduin

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