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You may recognize some of the following names as an ancestor that is listed on your dog's pedigree.
Click on the name for information on the dog and a picture (if available).  We will be continuing our research on background information and will update this list with dogs as info becomes available.

Cliathan Archer
Dallas du Hameau de Sorny
Ibere de Saint Tugen
Nat du Buisson de Choisel
Poker des Pigenettes
Groseille du Hameau de Sorny
Janero du Hameau de Sorny
Ska de Saint Tugen
Nixo de Saint Tugen
Piram de Saint Tugen
Talusland Black Bart
Dal's Prince Bouquet Blackie
Plum Creek Joselyn
Ermine des Pigenettes
Cachou du Buisson de Choisel
Cadette du Sulon

Pairknaglos Katie Girl
Dal's Oto l'Enclos Chateau
Hardy du Hameau de Sorny

Please Note:  This section, and the pages connected with it, will be under construction on an ongoing basis.  As information and/or pictures are acquired, the data contained will be added to or updated.

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